Sears - Dryden (Government Street)

Sears - Dryden (Government Street)

564 Government Street
Dryden, Ontario
P8N 2Y4

Phone: (807) 223-5334

Sears is excited to offer this extra service to its customers in Ontario to do their part to help the environment. If improperly processed, e-waste poses a threat to humans, wildlife and the environment. By returning your old, unwanted electronics for responsible refurbishment and recycling you can help: Keep hazardous materials out of our landfills and ecosystems; Create and support green jobs in Ontario; Reduce air & water pollution and Green House Gas emissions associated with mining virgin resources and; Turn your unwanted electronics into new, useful products!

Dates of Event:
Saturday, June 26, 2010 to Friday, January 1, 2100

Hours of Operation:
10:00am - 5:00pm

Customers dropping off e-waste items during this two-weekend long event will receive discounts off the purchase of energy efficient televisions, power bars and have the chance to win a Sony energy star entertainment system!

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional materials are accepted at this site.

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You can return the following materials to this site:

All-in-one computers
Answering machines
Audio cassette players/recorders
Camera dock printers
Cameras (Digital and non-digital)
CD players/recorders
CD-ROM drives
Cellular phones
Closed circuit monitors
Closed circuit television screens
Computer keyboards
Computer mouse
Computer terminals
Cordless Telephone
Desktop all in one devices
Desktop computers
Desktop Copiers
Desktop printers
Digital picture frames
Dual computer monitors
Dual television
DVD drives
External hard drive
Fax machines
Floor standing copiers
Floor standing multifunction
Floor standing printers
Floppy-disk drives
Handheld personal computers
Handheld printers
HD-DVD drives
Home radios
Home Theatre Equipment
Mini notebooks
Modems (wired and wireless)
PDA (cell enabled)
Portable audio/video players
Portable DVD players
Portable MP3/Digital audio players
Portable PC-free photo printers
Portable radios
Portable speakers
Professional Displays
Projectors (video, audio, image)
Smart Phones
Stereo amplifiers
Stereo speakers
Stereo turn tables
Tablet PCs
Telephone (Rotary)
Telephone (wired)
Thin clients
Typewriters (electric)
Vehicle DVD/Blu-ray players
Vehicle radios, audio players, speakers
Video cameras (analog and digital)
Video player/recorder(DVD/VCR/Blu-ray)